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A proposal is currently being progressed to create a new Multi Academy Trust through the merger of Atlantic Centre of Excellence Multi Academy Trust (ACE) and The Learning Academy Trust (TLAT).

At this initial phase the two trusts are seeking the approval of the Regional Schools Commissioner to merge and form a new trust. Work on this formal application to merge has commenced and we are now seeking to consult with all stakeholders regarding this proposal.

TLAT was established in 2010 and ACE was established in 2013 . Both trusts were formerly members of the Kernow Collaborative Trust (KCT) and are current members of the Kernow Teaching Schools Alliance (KTSA). Both Trusts have worked closely together over the years and both have been part of the KTSA School Improvement Package.

The new trust aims to build on and develop further our close partnership. We aim to strengthen teaching & learning, enhance curriculum development and improve resource procurement whilst continuing to foster the relationships that we already have in place.

The consultation period for this merger opens on 1st March 2019 and will remain open for 6 weeks, closing at 4pm on Friday 12th April 2019. We want to know what you think we should be considering to ensure that we are the best trust that we can be. Please feel free to complete the online form opposite, identifying the stakeholder group that you belong to.
Many thanks,
Jennie Walker
CEO Designate BEST

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